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Steams in the bag in just 5 minutes!

December 19, 2017Dotted Line

Mouthwatering Mediterranean blends of grains, herbs, olive oil and veggies come together for the perfect bite. Find Sprouts Organic Ancient Grain Blends in the frozen department next to the vegetables, every day for $3.49 for a 10 oz. bag.

Rice & Quinoa Quartet

Whole and red rice mingle with red and white quinoa, while sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese and black olives create a side to savor.

Spelt & Red Quinoa

Spelt and red quinoa blended with broccoli and garlic make this an unforgettable addition to your next meal.

Quinoa Duo

White and red quinoa pair wonderfully with grilled zucchini, butternut squash and tomatoes, perfectly seasoned and ready to plate. 

Bulgur & Red Quinoa 

Bulgur and red quinoa with green beans and dried tomatoes make for an impactful side dish at any dinner.

Bite sized but mighty delicious

December 12, 2017Dotted Line

Sprouts Bite Sized Chocolate Chip Cookies are poppable, shareable, fun-to-eat oven baked delights. Grab a 12 oz. bag for the everyday low price of $1.99 – but please be warned, these treats may be too good to put down!

Flavors from around the world

December 7, 2017Dotted Line

Head over to the frozen department and enjoy a culinary adventure for only $3.99 for a 10 oz. meal.  Our Frozen Entreès take just 4 minutes in the microwave and are made with real ingredients, so they’re real good. 


Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice

Marinated all white meat chicken, tandoor-style baked and simmered to tender perfection in our fragrant tomato-cream sauce.

Chicken Kofta Masala with Basmati Rice

Medium spiced chicken meatballs simmered in an aromatic tomato-cream gravy.

Chicken Vindaloo with Basmati Rice

All white meat chicken with diced potatoes, cooked in a spicy tomato-onion sauce with Vindaloo’s signature tang, reminiscent of its Portuguese roots.

Chicken Pad Ka Prao with Jasmine Rice *dairy-free

Minced chicken, sautéed onion and Thai basil cooked with an array of flavors that include ginger, garlic, chiles and lime.

General Tso’s Cauliflower with Jasmine Rice *vegan

Lightly breaded, flash fried cauliflower coated with a sweet and spicy General Tso’s sauce and sprinkled with green onion.

Korean BBQ Tofu with Jasmine Rice *vegan

Flash fried tofu with onions and scallions, lightly coated with a Korean BBQ sauce that perfectly blends sweet, savory and spicy flavors.

Poblano Chicken with Spanish Rice *dairy-free

A white meat chicken, cooked with poblano peppers and onions and a spritz of lime.

Chipotle Beef with Spanish Rice

Boneless beef cooked to tender perfection in a creamy chipotle adobo with red peppers and onions.

Southwest Chicken with Spanish Rice

All white meat chicken and red peppers cooked in a creamy chipotle adobo.

Jackfruit Fajita with Spanish Rice *vegan

Jackfruit sautéed with onions and red and green bell peppers, topped with a jalapeño glaze.

A bit of spice makes everything nice

November 28, 2017Dotted Line

Crisp and intensely sharp, Sprouts Ginger Beer’s bright taste comes from the mix of real ginger and citrus juices. Best served cold, this kick in a bottle can be used to spice up your favorite mixed drinks and mocktails. A 4 pack of 12 fl. oz. bottles is just $4.99… go on and grab a few.

Sooo creamy…

November 21, 2017Dotted Line
Cashew Butter

Switch up your spread! Sprouts Cashew Butter is rich, smooth and good on just about anything.  And because it’s unsalted and unsweetened, you can pair it with your favorite fruits, jams or even add a few spoonfuls to your smoothie bowls or shakes. Plus, you can feel good about sneaking an extra bite or two, as it’s high in protein and vitamin B! Throw a 16 oz. jar in your cart for $8.99 and snack a lil’ better.

Go on, have some cocoa for breakfast!

November 14, 2017Dotted Line
Hazelnut Spread

What do you get when you combine lightly roasted hazelnuts and just the right amount of luscious cocoa? A deliciously decadent treat for all seasons and tastes. Spread Sprouts Organic Hazelnut Spread across apples, bananas, toast or waffles  – or maybe you’re like us, and enjoy the occasional spoonful straight out of the jar. Pick up the 13 oz. jar near the peanut butter for $4.69 today!

…with a cherry on top!

November 7, 2017Dotted Line
Natural Cherries

Sprouts Maraschino Cherries are grown exclusively in the USA! Made with simple ingredients, these cherries maintain their beautiful color and texture without the hard-to-pronounce additives. Top your Sundaes, trifles or floats with these red beauties and let the fun begin. Grab a 10 oz. jar in the grocery aisle for just $2.99!

Better with a twist!

October 31, 2017Dotted Line

Sprouts Organic Pretzel Sticks and Sprouts Organic Unsalted Mini Twists are perfect for trail mixes, party trays with savory dips or straight out of the bag. Made with simple, organic ingredients, these tasty snacks are great anytime and at $1.99 for an 8 oz. bag, you’ll want to keep these pretzels handy! So open a bag and start crunchin’.

Your afternoon snack situation is handled

October 24, 2017Dotted Line
Organic Roasted Seaweed

Did you know seaweed isn’t a weed at all, but a type of red algae that is rich in iodine? This abundant green plant is actually quite good roasted and sprinkled with coarse sea salt. Now you can get your hands on our very own Sprouts Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack! With each light, airy bite, you’ll satisfy your crunchy cravings with only 15 calories per serving. Made with three simple ingredients: organic seaweed, organic canola oil and sea salt – for a unique snacking experience. Find them in the grocery aisle for $1.49 for a .35 oz. package.

It’s time to stock up

October 17, 2017Dotted Line

Just in time for fall! Sprouts Organic Free-Range Chicken and Vegetable Liquid Broth Concentrates contain less sodium than regular broth concentrates and provide six cups of broth when combined with hot water – perfect for your classic soups, stews, risottos and gravies. Find our Organic Liquid Broth Concentrate in the grocery aisle for $2.99 for a 6-pouch box.

Flavors to give you a boost!

October 9, 2017

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Sprouts Supplements

Shake things up with these great-for-you mix-ins! Our friendly and knowledgeable team members are happy to help you find your favorite!

Sprouts Matcha Green Tea Powder

10 oz. – $36.99/ea.

Make some magic with matcha green tea powder and easily transform your shakes and baked goods. Matcha is most commonly known for its antioxidants, but is also full
 of vitamin C and amino acids which promote a healthy immune system. Get green and feel great with the delicate earthy flavor of this incredible leaf, in powder form.

Sprouts Organic Red Beet Powder

8.5 oz. – $16.99/ea.

Get ahead with red!
  This vibrant, organic powder contains antioxidants, fiber, calcium, and vitamins A & C. A nutrient dense whole food complex and a staple crop cultivated around the world, red beet powder is easily incorporated into more than just shakes. Use in soups, sauces, gravies and so much more for phenomenal color and rich taste.

Sprouts Whey Protein Powder

32 oz. – $41.99/ea.

Enjoy the same, great tasting protein you know and love, now with an all new look! Boost your shakes and smoothies with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. Incorporating our whey protein helps support muscle recovery after strenuous exercise.

Sprouts Organic Ground Flaxseeds

16 oz. – $6.79/ea.

Don’t skimp on these seeds! Flaxseeds contain numerous vitamins and minerals like magnesium, vitamin B1, selenium and are chockfull of omega-3 fatty acids. Incorporating just a small amount of flax will add big nutrition in every delicious bite. 

Sprouts Organic Chia Seeds

12 oz. – $9.99/ea.

Little nutritional powerhouses, these seeds may help support cardiovascular and brain health. Chia seeds are an outstanding source of fiber, and great for simple jams and savory dressings. Once soaked, you’ll enjoy their gel-like texture which can be compared to tapioca. 

It’s yoGOOD!

October 2, 2017

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It’s finally here, Sprouts Nonfat Plain Yogurt and Sprouts Greek Plain or Vanilla Yogurt! Enjoy the smooth, creamy taste of Grade A yogurt, full of naturally occurring probiotics and nutrition. A healthy snack all on its own, or mixed with your favorite fruit and granola for an unbeatable parfait. Simple dips are given new life with our Greek yogurt! Mix two cups of plain Sprouts Greek yogurt, one diced English cucumber, the juice of one lemon, one teaspoon minced garlic, one tablespoon chopped dill, and salt and pepper to taste for a fresh Tzatziki that pairs with almost anything. Find all of our new yogurts in the dairy case! Sprouts Greek Plain or Vanilla Yogurt is $4.49 for a 32 oz. tub and a 32 oz. tub of Sprouts Nonfat Yogurt is a steal at $1.99!

Pizza is always a good idea..

No matter how you slice it!

September 25, 2017

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Sprouts Brand Organic Pizza

Our authentic pizzas are made in Italy with organic ingredients and undeniable flavor. In Naples, they’ve been making pizza the same way for over a century, starting with dough crafted in the Italian tradition, left to rest & rise for 24 hours, then hand-stretched by an artisan pizza maker.

By combining just the right amount of sauce and cheese and baking at the perfect temperature in an old-world wood-fired oven, the end result is delizioso.

Find our Sprouts Frozen Organic Pizza in the frozen section for $5.99.


Organic cherry tomatoes and fresh arugula blend perfectly with a medley of flavor-rich cheese to make Sprouts Organic Arugula & Tomato Pizza stand out from the crowd.

Rich and creamy organic Ricotta cheese complements organic cherry tomatoes and perfectly seasoned spinach in Sprouts Organic Spinach & Ricotta Pizza. Instant Classic.

The Italian classic, soft, chewy crust, rich tomato sauce, the perfect amount of mozzarella cheese, and of course, fresh basil. Sprouts Organic Margherita Pizza is the true taste of Italy.

Sprouts Organic Four Cheese Pizza is topped with a perfect blend of the finest organic cheeses to give this rock star of a pizza its distinctively robust flavor.

 Wonderfully seasoned mushrooms and fresh mozzarella cheese with a touch of truffle gives Sprouts Organic Mushroom with Truffle Sauce Pizza and exquisite and perfectly balanced flavor.

 Delicious Mediterranean vegetables abound in Sprouts Organic Grilled Vegetable Pizza. A flavorful mix of organic peppers, zucchini and eggplant, perfectly grilled and blended with organic spinach will delight your senses and awaken your palate.



September 19, 2017

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Pumpkin Products

The pumpkins are rolling in! Come by and explore the season with our incredible selection of pumpkin products featuring warm cinnamon and bright spice, that will make fall your favorite season of all!


Sprouts Organic Cinnamon Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwich

6 ct., 3.5 fl. oz. – $4.99/ea.

A tasty take on your favorite frozen treat. Two undeniably delicious ingredients come together to make one unforgettable ice cream sandwich. We took our rich, creamy organic cinnamon pumpkin ice cream and layered it between two soft vanilla wafers for an incredible fall treat. Grab a box of these scrumptious seasonal sandwiches while supplies last!


Sprouts Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread

8 oz. – $2.49/ea.

Our velvety smooth cream cheese with a pumpkin kick! It’s only here for a limited time, so schmear it before it’s gone!


Sprouts Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter

12 oz. – $6.99/ea.

Spread it, stir it, mix it or eat it by the spoonful. It’s super creamy and super delectable.


Sprouts Pumpkin Spice Pepitas 

6 oz. – $2.99/ea.

Pumpkin pie flavored pumpkin seeds? Who would’ve thought? Enjoy them by the handful, sprinkle them on your parfaits or toss them into your salad. With a sweet and savory crunch, these lil’ guys are ready to eat right out of the bag.

When I dip, you dip, we dip!

September 12, 2017

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Introducing our very own Organic Cocktail Sauce! This classic condiment is made with non-GMO ingredients for a naturally robust tang. But think outside the shrimp’n box! Combine our savory sauce with cream cheese and lump crab meat for an easy party spread, whip into sour cream for a tasty seafood taco topper or spice up your Bloody Mary with a splash. Keep some handy, just $2.99 for an 11 oz. bottle!

A Better Butter

September 5, 2017

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Sprouts-grass-fed Ghee

Our grass-fed Ghee – a form of clarified butter – is made by skimming cow’s milk for an extended period of time, resulting in an ultra-rich consistency and flavor. Because it’s been strained of impurities, but retains many vitamins and nutrients, it makes for an ideal cooking fat. It’s also lactose-free! Find it in the Dairy Department for $6.99 for a 7.5 oz. jar.

  1. Cooking – Ghee has a high smoking point which allows for extreme heat without burning. Ending with ghee will add a velvety consistency to your dishes.
  2. Morning Drink – Adding ghee to your morning cup of coffee or tea can support digestion and energy. Sound strange? Adding to morning coffee or tea has been done for hundreds of years and actually tastes… pretty good.
  3. Spread – Mix ghee with your favorite jams or jellies for an anytime treat that you can spread on just about anything.

Come on, drizzle a lil’!

August 28, 2017

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Organic Pesto & Glaze

Sprouts Organic Basil Pesto is a vibrant addition to any pasta dish; simply toss with fully cooked angel hair or penne for a simple meal in minutes.  Looking to impress your guests? Spread this deliciously green sauce across crostini and serve alongside olives and fresh mozzarella for an antipasto plate that may be gone before you have a chance to grab some! Find our 6.7 oz. jar of pesto down the grocery aisles for just $3.49.

Sprouts Organic Balsamic Glaze is made in Italy using balsamic vinegar of Modena, and is as versatile as it is smooth and delicious. Drizzle across grilled meats and seafood as a savory finish before serving, dress up fruit and cheese or combine with olive oil for a sensational dressing. For a tantalizing dessert, add a few drops to vanilla ice cream… you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Enjoying this 8.45 fl. oz. glaze is effortless at a tasty $4.99.

Spread on the heat!

August 21, 2017

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Jalapeño Cream Cheese Spread

How do you make cream cheese even tastier? You add the flavorful heat of jalapeños! But have no fear, our Jalapeño Cream Cheese Spread can go on more than just bagels. Add it to chili for a creamy queso dip with a kick, dollop on your baked potato for a spud you’ll savor, or serve with your favorite seasonal vegetables for added bite. Pick up your new favorite cream cheese for just $2.49 for an 8 oz. container in the Dairy Department.

Make the grade…A+

August 14, 2017

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Back to school

School is in and between breakfast, lunch and after school snacks, your hungry scholars are going to need nutritiously delicious options to keep them satisfied. Stock up on healthy snacks and experience the difference Sprouts Brand can make. You’ll find organic chewy granola bars, healthy tropical fruit in lightly sweetened coconut water, crispy kettle chips, organic juice boxes and so much more. Keep your students healthy and happy throughout the school year!

Organic Juice Boxes, 8 pack, $3.99 – 100% juice, no sugar added, non-GMO Project verified and available in Apple, Apple Berry and Fruit Punch.

Organic Apple Sauce Pouches, 3.2 oz., $.99 –no sugar added, non-GMO Project verified.

Organic Chewy Granola Bars, 6 ct., 7.4 oz., $3.99 – three great varieties: Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Chip.

Fruit & Grain Cereal Bars, 6 ct., 7.9 oz., $2.99 – Strawberry, Blueberry and Apple-flavors sure to please!

Fruit Cups, 4 ct., 16 oz., $2.99 – Tropical Fruit in Coconut Water, Diced Mango in Pineapple Juice and Papaya in Coconut Water!

Kettle Style Potato Chips, 1.5 oz., $.99 – You can find these handy mini versions of our Kettle Style Chips in the deli department.


Celebrate Summer

August 8, 2017

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Tropical Sprouts Brand

Summer is winding down, but that doesn’t mean the flavor needs to! From rich, creamy frozen desserts and snacks to good-for-you supplements and interesting mix-ins, Sprouts Brand is ready to help you enjoy the last stretch of summer before it’s gone.


Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Looking for a dairy-free alternative to ice cream? Go crazy for the mild taste of coconut with our luxuriously smooth Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert pints made with real coconut milk. A vegetarian treat full of flavor and free of dairy and gluten, each pint is scrumptiously priced at $3.99. Look for all the incredible flavors in the Frozen Department.


  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Passion Fruit
  • Coconut
  • Piña Colada

Fruit Bars

Sprouts Frozen Fruit Bars are made from premium fruit that is naturally sweet and juicy and at $2.99 for a box of four 4 oz. bars, you won’t need to find reasons to walk over to the Frozen Department. It’s naturally delicious and free from artificial fruit flavors and colors. Treat yourself to dessert – the way nature intended.


  • Caribbean
  • Mango
  • Piña Colada
  • Lime
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry

Non-Dairy Mango & Coconut Mochi Bites

You can’t match our Non-Dairy Mango and Coconut Mochi Bites! These chewy, frozen confections are bite-sized and perfect for snacking. Creamy frozen coconut milk wrapped inside sweet pounded rice – it’s like a little present for your mouth! You may want to stock up in our Frozen Department because at $3.99 for a 5.5 oz.,6 Count Box– trust us, they won’t last long!

Sprouts Coconut Water

Refresh your hydration routine with our naturally thirst-quenching, fat and cholesterol-free Coconut Water. The difference is the coconut! The combination of both young and mature Thai coconuts creates a taste that will take you away! Pick up your new favorite drink in the coolers or grocery aisles for $1.79 for each 17.5 fl. oz. can.

Available in:

  • Original with Pulp
  • Original Pulp-Free
  • Pineapple
  • Mango


This is how we roll!

August 8, 2017

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When you want something sweet – but not too sweet. Each light, crispy Coconut Roll is made with real coconut milk and a touch of sweetness, deliciously priced at $2.49 for a 3.5 oz. package. Flaky and golden brown, these wafer snacks will transport you to a tropical paradise with just one bite. Enjoy them with your favorite hot drink, alongside a cool bowl of ice cream or simply out of the bag. Made with simple, pronounceable ingredients, our Coconut Rolls will keep you coming back – we guarantee it!

  • Product of Thailand
  • Made with real coconut milk
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free


We’re jalapeño your freezer!

July 24, 2017

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Jalepeno Bites Now at Sprouts

What’s better than cream cheese? Well, we think our Jalapeño Cream Cheese Bites are, and we’re pretty sure you will too. We take perfectly ripe jalapeños and blend them with smooth cream cheese, then we bread them in a crunchy, crispy crust.  Located in the frozen department, these tasty bites cook up perfectly in minutes and at $3.49 for 8 oz., you’ll be bringing the party with you, one poppable bite after another!


A heat you can’t beat!

July 18, 2017

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Put some spice into your favorite snacks with our new line of Hatch Products. Hatch, a New Mexican grown Chile is a rich, full bodied green pepper. We’ve combined the subtle heat with our own quality ingredients for a lip-smacking line of snacks that you won’t be able to put down. Try them all and kick up the flavor while they last!

Hatch Cheddar Veggie Straws

Hatch Pepitas

Hatch BBQ Sauce

Hatch Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

Hatch Ranch Dressing

Hatch Popcorn

Ciao, Pasta!

July 11, 2017

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Ready, set, manga! Made with authentic cheeses, tomatoes and herbs imported from varying regions of Italy, each 16 oz. pasta tells a flavorful story. Sprouts Pasta Meals cook up in 10 minutes or less, so you can feed your senses for just $3.99 and enjoy real taste, real fast.

Be sure to try each delectable dish available in the Frozen Department and explore Italy in your own kitchen.  

Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina

With origins in the enchanting village of Sorrento, this dish represents Italy in the most colorful way! The three ingredients, combined with classic potato gnocchi, share their part in the Italian flag; the red of the tomato, the white of the fresh mozzarella cheese, and the green of the bright, fragrant basil.

Pesto & Vegetable Linguine

When the sea and mountains create the perfect climate in Liguria, a rich bounty of vegetables and herbs can grow. This pesto features bright basil, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, cashews and cheese, along with crisp vegetables for added depth and nutrition.

Mushroom & Truffle Pappardelle

Inspired by Tuscan tradition, the mushrooms used to create this elegant sauce are grown on hills near the sea outside of Rome. This special dish features the complex taste of black truffle and smooth procini mushroom with fresh egg pappardelle. Enjoy with a glass of Chianti.

Fettuccine Alfredo

A classic Roman flavor, authentic cheese and cream are perfectly combined to create a vavlety sauce that pairs perfectly with thick fettuccine noodles. Free from artificial flavors, persavtives and colors.

Penne Arrabbiata with Cherry Tomato

Made with the finest tomatoes for a superior taste, this authentic pasta dish is a staple of Rome. This very simple recipe of the finest garlic, hot chili pepper and parsley combined with superior quality tomatoes and al dente pasta creates a taste you won’t forget!

Red Pesto & Cherry Tomato Fusilli

The ideal climate and volcanic eruptions on the island of Sicily have fostered nutrient rich soil for growing exceptional fruits and vegetables. This red pesto is a beautiful combination of sun dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, cashews and basil. When these flavors are carefully simmered together, they create a taste that’s straight from the Mediterranean.

MMM … French Macarons

July 5, 2017

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Sprouts French Macarons

Fancy some French delights? Head over to the frozen section of Sprouts to explore our authentic macarons imported from France. Each delicate bite is crafted with fine almond flour and baked to an airy crisp.  These sweets offer a smooth centre of ganache and come in classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, coffee, raspberry, pistachio and lemon.  Enjoy our chewy and beautifully assembled Sprouts French Macarons with our Sparkling French Lemonade for a special dessert that’s sure to take your taste buds on a trip. At $5.99 for a dozen, these jewel colored confections are a steal and will be the hit of your brunch or festive get-together.


Pack your bags, the tropics are calling…

June 27, 2017Dotted Line

Sprouts Brand Mango and Pineapple Flavored Coconut Waters

Coconuts are synonymous with good vibes and sandy beaches, but before you get ready to put on your straw hat, be sure to open a can of our new Mango and Pineapple flavored coconut waters and hydrate deliciously! The difference is the coconut! The combination of both young and mature Thai coconuts creates a taste that will take you away! We use coconuts grown in the Ratchaburi, Samut Songkhram and Nakhon Pathom provinces of Thailand where the ground is fertile and rich. Used by athletes and soldiers for its impressive surge of electrolytes, this non-gmo refresher is as delicious as it is nutritious. Add a tasty twist to your shakes and smoothies, update your summertime popsicles or dress up your salad dressing with this versatile drink! Find your own tropical state of mind….one sip at a time. Sprouts Coconut Water is $1.79 for a 17.5 fl. oz. can. You can find them in the grocery aisles or chilled and ready to enjoy in our coolers.

That takeout taste you love has finally arrived – in your freezer!

June 20, 2017Dotted Line

General Tso’s and Mandarin Orange Chicken

You won’t have to travel far to enjoy our new and improved recipes for General Tso’s and Mandarin Orange Chicken, and at $7.49 for a 20 0z. package, it’s a delicious deal you can’t beat! These flavorful favorites are made with tender, all-white-meat chicken, free of antibiotics. You’ll savor the exotic hints of tangy mandarin oranges, bright green onions and slightly hot peppers that dance around the crisp tempura coating. Preparation is simple and you’ll go from freezer to plate in less than 20 minutes! Perfect atop garlicy jasmine rice, tossed with udon noodles or wrapped in a crunchy lettuce leaf.

Pucker Up

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Pucker Up

Now’s the perfect time to celebrate citrus with Sprouts Brand! We have plenty of that fun, tart flavor packed into our moist and delicious lemon cookies! And our crisp, bright drinks are packed with lemons, limes, grapefruits and oranges! Click here to learn more.

Clean Up

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Clean Up

Revive your everyday with the simplicity of essential oils and get an all-day clean that’s hard to beat! Click here to learn more.

Tidy Up

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Tidy Up

Spruce up for spring with plant based products that are kind to your home and the planet. Click here to learn more.

Do ya Kombucha?

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Sprouts Organic Kombucha

Get fizzy with it! Made from fermented tea, these probiotic-packed, Sprouts Organic Kombuchas contain beneficial enzymes that can support digestion and immune health.* Plus, they’re low-calorie, fat-free and dairy-free, too! Try all six flavors:

  • Kiwi Strawberry
  • Pineapple Spirulina
  • Raspberry Lemon Ginger
  • Cherry Lemonade
  • Ginger
  • Blueberry Ginger

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Easy, Freezy & On-the-Go

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Sprouts Frozen Appetizers

Thumbs up to finger foods! Adults and kids alike will love our new wholesome, easy-does-it appetizers found in the Frozen Department. Simply toast up and plate up these tasty chicken spring rolls and mozzarella sticks to serve to guests at your next gathering, or as a side to your family’s favorite Italian or Asian dishes.

Hint: Peruse the grocery aisles and pair them up with Sprouts Brand pasta sauces or salad dressings!

Decadent and Delightful

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Sprouts Holiday Desserts

There’s so many tempting Sprouts Brand holiday treats for gifting, stashing in the pantry or sharing with guests at your holiday gatherings.

Rise to the Occasion!

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Sprouts Baking Essentials

Now you can bake up delicious, organic sweet treats for the holidays with Sprouts Brand. Mix it up and add these wholesome ingredients to your favorite recipes!

New Organic Holiday Essentials

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It’s so easy and affordable to go organic for your holiday meals with all new, great-tasting pantry essentials from Sprouts Brand!

Sprouts Soup
Organic Soups
Warm up to six new organic soup varieties from Sprouts Brand! From comfort classics like Tomato Bisque and Hearty Lentil, to unique flavors like Corn Pablano Chowder, Kale Quinoa Minestrone or Lentil Kale Potato, they’re sure to become a pantry staple this winter.

Sprouts Canned

Organic Canned Vegetables

Reach for Sprouts Organic Canned Vegetables this season to serve up as an easy side dish, stir in as a wholesome ingredient to soups, stews and casseroles – like your family’s infamous and delicious green bean casserole!


Sprouts Mashed Potatoes

Organic Mashed Potatoes

Whip up a quintessential holiday side dish in no time flat with our new instant Organic Mashed Potatoes. Look for Original and Garlic Flavors in 3.5 oz. Serving a larger group of friends and family? No need to spud your wheels, reach for our Original flavor available in 16 oz.

Sprouts Cranberry Sauces

Organic Cranberry Sauce

Complete any holiday meal with Sprouts Canned Organic Cranberry Sauce – now available in both Jellied and Whole Berry varieties.  Delicious on its own or combined with leftovers to create the ultimate seasonal sandwich.


Sprouts Broths

Organic Broth

It’s all about the base when it comes to adding rich, savory flavors to your main course and crockpot recipes! Choose from Chicken, Beef, or Vegetable to infuse depth into your seasonal staples and new favorites.
Sprouts Bread Crumbs

Organic Bread Crumbs
Choose from four differently delectable types of organic bread crumbs for your holiday cooking, baking and finishing. Organic breadcrumbs are available in Original, Herb-Seasoned, Whole Wheat and Panko, to sprinkle atop your beloved casseroles or baked chicken dishes.


Sriracha is Pretty Hot Right Now

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Sprouts Sriracha

If you’re a Sriracha lover, Sprouts Brand has you covered with an assortment of new Sriracha flavored products. Sriracha products are peppered throughout our aisles, with a lineup that includes:

  • Sriracha Potato Chips
  • Organic Sriracha Salsa
  • Organic Sriracha Red and Green Sauce
  • Sriracha Ketchup
  • Organic Sriracha & Lime Kale Chips
  • Sriracha Hummus

Sprouts Brand Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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Sprouts Brand Olive Oil

With multiple health benefits and a delightful flavor, it’s no wonder olive oil is an everyday staple in your pantry. From fruity to peppery, extra virgin olive oils can vary in taste. Experience the unique flavors, aromas and uses of Sprouts’ new, premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Imported from Tunisia, Greece, Italy and Spain, you’ll want to dip into these delectable oils! Click here for pairing tips.

Let Them Eat Pumpkin!

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Sprouts Pumpkin Products

Go beyond pie to satisfy your sweetly spiced cravings with Sprouts’ decadent pumpkin cinnamon ice cream and four delectable varieties of Sprouts pumpkin cookies.

Gourd Morning

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Sprouts Pumpkin Products

Put some pumpkin pep in your step with the most important meal of the day! Sprouts has you covered from maple pumpkin butter and aromatic coffees to cereal, granola and applesauce. We’ll make sure you get your fill of this favorite fall flavor.

Flavors to Savor

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If you’re sweet on pumpkin spice, but have a taste for savory flavors, you’re in good hands with Sprouts Brand! There’s something for everyone… and every meal.

Sprouts Sea Salted Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chips are tasty enough to munch on right out of the bag, but one dip into our Pumpkin Spice Salsa and you’ve met your match for a salty-sweet snack that we know as pumpkin perfection.
Add a savory pumpkin flavor to your go-to hot pasta dish with Sprouts Pumpkin Pasta Sauce. We even suggest tossing it with gnocchi or seasonal veggies.



This frozen find will blow your pumpkin mind. Simply heat and serve this flavorful, authentic Italian dish of rice, herbs and fresh pumpkin pieces with any meal.



The name says it all with Sprouts Cranberry Pumpkin Crisps – a light and crispy mini toast-like snack. Impress guests and your palette, by spreading with soft goat cheese and a drizzle of honey for a sweet and savory appetizer or dessert.


Pumpkin_Soup_DressingAs temps cool outside, cozy up to a warm, velvety cup of pumpkin soup. Top it off with a dollop of sour cream and a pinch of pepitas.

You won’t want to skimp on this one-of-a-kind vinaigrette that can be used as a salad dressing or marinade to infuse your favorite fall flavor into everyday meals.

Hot for Hatch Chile

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Sprouts Hatch Chile Prodcuts

Have a burning craving for Hatch Chile? Just wait ’til you taste that distinctly delicious, smoky, sweet flavor in our new, limited-time Hatch Chile flavored products. Choose from:

  • Sprouts Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese
  • Sprouts Hatch Chile Salsas
  • Sprouts Hatch Chile Tortilla Chips
  • Sprouts Hatch Chile Cilantro Salad Dressing
  • Sprouts Hatch Chile Potato Chips
  • Sprouts Hatch Chile Grass Fed Beef Jerky

Tote them all home today and snag our seasonal “Bringing Hatch Back” reusable bag, too!

Shop Organic

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Whether you shop exclusively for organic products or are ready to start adding a few organic items to your grocery list, Sprouts Brand has you covered. Choose from hundreds of certified organic Sprouts Brand products in-store and keep a lookout for these new additions:

Sprouts CoffeeQuick and convenient, Sprouts Organic, Fair-Trade, Single-Serve Coffees are here to make your daily grind a bit easier. Compatible with most Keurig® and single-cup brewers, these single-serve coffees come in several different blends , including decaf varieties:

  • Breakfast Blend
  • Sprouts Blend
  • French Roast
  • French Roast Decaf
  • Peruvian
  • Ethiopian
  • Honduran
  • Sumatran

Sprouts GelatoGelato lovers unite! Sprouts Organic Italian Gelatos are sure to satiate your sweet summertime cravings for a cool, new treat. Try all seven flavors of pint-sized perfection. Select varieties, 16 oz. – $3.99/ea.

  • Caramel Sea Salt
  • Chocolate
  • Coconut Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Limoncello
  • Mint Chocolate
  • Vanilla Caramel

Sprouts Crisp Peas

Light and crisp-pea, Sprouts Organic Crisp Peas are slightly salty, baked snacks, and fast to become your new fave! Just a forewarning that they can be downright habit-forming.



Sprouts Frozen Potatoes

There’s something for everyone with our lineup of Organic Frozen Potatoes. Toast up Potato Bites or Hash Browns for an easy side or get creative with them in casseroles. There’s no shortage of options for fans of French fries with Shoestring, Crinkle Cut and Steak Fry varieties! Select varieties, 16 oz. – $2.99/ea.


Apple Pie in a Snap!

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Sprouts Apple Pie Flavored Snaps

Get a taste of apple pie in a snap! Sprouts Old Fashioned Apple Pie Flavored Snaps have all the nostalgic taste of the family favorite, only in bite-sized morsels. Dunk them in coffee or milk, sandwich them with your favorite nut butter or try them à la mode with a few scoops of ice cream.

Cheers to New Sparkling Mocktails!

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Sprouts Mocktails

Sprouts Mocktails are fun to have on hand for any get-together and gathering. Imported from France, and naturally flavored like Limoncello and Mojito cocktails, these non-alcoholic beverages are superb on their own or spruced up with a sprig of mint or a slice of citrus.

Because they’re ready-made in a perfect glass bottle with a resealable swing-top cap, they make a neat gift that can be given to hosts and enjoyed in the same day. Simply pour over ice and sip these refreshing sparkling beverages in good company!

It’s in the Bag

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California Bag

Express yourself in a fun, environmentally friendly way as you tote home healthy groceries from Sprouts with our brand new selection of stylish reusable bags.

Hydration Station

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Sprouts Water

As temps rise, stay cool and hydrated with our lineup of functional, thirst-quenching beverages!

  • Sprouts Alkalized Water – With a pH level of at least 8.0, this water can help balance the body’s acidity.*
  • Sprouts Coconut Water – Low in carbs and rich in potassium!
  • Sprouts Aloe Vera Juice Drink – Healing aloe vera aids in digestion.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Sparkle This Summer & All Year Long

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Sprouts Sparkling Lemonade

Let them drink French Sparkling Lemonade! Delight your friends and family with a refreshingly unique sparkling lemonade imported from France. Second best to the bubbly beverage is the old-fashioned glass bottle it comes in, featuring a resealable swing-top cap.

This seasonal Sprouts Brand favorite is back by popular demand and here to stay! Plus, we’ve even made all four flavors available in convenient, single-serve bottles!

  • Lemonade
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Tangerine Lime Lemonade
  • Orangeade

Cold Brew Coffee

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Sprouts Cold Brew Coffee

Look what’s brewing now…

A little goes a long way when it comes to this convenient, new Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate – it makes 16 servings! Simply pour one part concentrate with two parts water or your favorite milk over ice and enjoy. For a cool coffee treat, try this Organic Cold Brew Coffee Gelato Float. You’ll be glad you did.

Introducing Sprouts Essentials Body Care

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Sprouts Essentials

Now you can feel just as good about what you put on your body as you do about what you put in it, with Sprouts Essentials! This new line of body care features a variety of luscious lip balms, functional mineral salt deodorants, epsom salt, cotton products and much more!

Snack Attack

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Sprouts Brand Snacks

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of enjoying a crispy, crunchy, savory snack served up with burgers and BBQ sandwiches. You guessed it… we’re talking Classic and Kettle Style Potato Chips. Just wait until you try our specialty flavors like Sriracha and Dill Pickle.

But that’s not all, we’re excited to share our latest craze in crunchy eats with these downright addictive additions to our already massive snack selection:

  • Sprouts Organic Crisp Peas – Crispy. Crisp Pea. Coincidence? We think not. Get in a serving of veggies in as you crunch on these tasty, light-as-air baked snacks!
  • Sprouts Organic Corn Dippers – Our new scoop-shaped corn chips are perfect for dipping in salsa, queso or bean dip.