Sprouts Brand Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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Sprouts Brand Extra Virgin Olive Oils

With multiple health benefits and a delightful flavor, it’s no wonder olive oil is an everyday staple in your pantry. From fruity to peppery, extra virgin olive oils can vary in taste. Experience the unique flavors, aromas and uses of Sprouts’ new, premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Imported from Tunisia, Greece, Italy and Spain, you’ll want to dip into these delectable oils:

Olive Oil of Tunisia

Peppery notes make this oil perfect for dipping or drizzled over seafood.

Olive Oil of Greece

Marinate cheese with this mellow and delicately fruity flavored oil, or simply use as a finishing oil.

Olive Oil of Italy

Drizzle this full-bodied and moderately fruity oil over bruschetta or over your favorite pasta dish.

Olive Oil of Spain

Moderately pungent with a bitter finish, this one is great for grilling meat and veggies.

Single-olive varieties from Spain

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This creamy, fruity oil has a slightly peppery finish. Drizzle on fresh salads, vegetables, grilled meats and fish.


This full-bodied oil has a moderately intense spiciness. Toss with salads and vegetables or use in sauces and dressings.